Educating future leaders

Community Partners

LEAP has established supportive relationships with a number of initiatives and provides them with strategic development assistance, including planning, budgeting, accounting advice and fundraising support.


Kuyasa Soup Kitchen

Provides hot meals to the elderly and other vulnerable people in the community of Langa. LEAP provides support through fundraising and engaging funding partners to help develop and maintain the premises.

Contact: Glenrose Kabane – 021 694 1398/ 072 822 0536


Ithemba Lethu Learning Centre

Provides a quiet and safe space for LEAP and other Langa students to study and access internet facilitates after school and on weekends. LEAP past students also use the facility to access information on jobs, careers and further study.

Contact: Sammy Ntumba 0795893284



Supports ex-prisoners and youth at risk in Gugulethu with training and life skills to prevent re-offending. LEAP provides administrative, bookkeeping and fundraising support.

Contact: Soloman Madikane – 082 627 8846


Western Cape Youth Rehabilitation Centre 

Provides support and rehabilitation to young people with substance abuse problems. LEAP is the education partner of the  Lukhanyo Clinic, and provides tutoring and life orientation support to the teenagers at the centre.


Zazi Magazine

A grassroots publication run by, and for, young people in the community of Langa .  The magazine provides a platform for conversation and expression around the current challenges, goals and dreams of young people in the community. LEAP past and current students are closely involved in this initiative.

Contact: Sindile Mavundla 021 694 1940



GTI: Global Teachers Institute

The mission of the Global Teachers Institute is to strengthen teacher capacity in South Africa and across the world by changing the way we train teachers. GTI aims to empower student teachers, current faculty, school leaders, and education organizations globally by refocusing teacher training and professional development on ideas of consciousness development and social change.

Contact: Nigel Richard 0737227245




Kwesu means Home.
Many of us are living far from our homes, our families, and our villages – from everything that once was home. At Kwesu we hope to create a home and family here in Cape Town. A place to support one another with our struggles and triumphs; a place that is full of comfort, support and both emotional and economic empowerment.

Contact: Patricia Mudiayi 0835284077

Harlem Sports Tours

Harlem Tours

Harlem Tours facilitates community-engaged, historically-connected, culturally focused, sport-oriented, experiential walking and sporting tours and home visits in the township communities of Cape Town, with specific focus on the community of Langa.

Contact: Eric Dilima 0721583138

Langa Hockey Club

Langa Hockey Club

Contact: Colleen Hodge 0834174066

St Francis Centre LangaSt Francis Centre (Langa)

The St Francis campus currently comprises:

– church
– pre-school for small children
– street children’s feeding scheme
– day school (LEAP Science and Maths School)
– computer training & resource centre (Edunova)
– technology training centre (Edunova)
– music school
– fashion design school
– motor learners licence school
– refugee language programme
– disabled rehabilitation centre
– pensioner’s club and various scout clubs etc.

St Francis is also a pension / welfare pay point.

Contact: Gerald Dunbar 0836749081


St Francis Children's HomeSt Francis Children’s Home

St Francis Children’s Home (formerly St Francis Child and Youth Care Centre) is a community based residential care facility providing care to Youth / Children in need of care and protection.

This is also where LEAP’s central office is based.

Contact Dave McNamara: 0849112645


iKhayaiKhaya Le Langa

Ikhaya Le Langa NPC (the house of Sun) is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization in Langa, the oldest historically Black township in the Western Cape. It is from here that ikhaya le Langa is revitalizing the Langa Quarter, an area of 13 streets comprising five hundred homes housing approximately 7,000 people. This community has languished at the bottom of the racialized socio-economic order in Cape Town for generations.

Contact: Tony Elvin 0765305065





Values - Everyone at LEAP commits to:

  • Being kind, honest and healthy
  • Being punctual and looking good
  • Working hard and never giving up
  • Admitting and learning from mistakes
  • Confronting issues and being open to change
  • Working together and sharing