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Celebrate 20 Years LEAPing Back To School 2024

Dear LEAP Family,

In South Africa, the education system’s challenges have left many children behind, grappling with crumbling infrastructure, teacher shortages, and a stark lack of educational progress. 

Shockingly, only 20% of public schools function adequately, leaving a gaping disparity between their achievements and the outcomes of the remaining 80%. Poverty and inequality persist as harsh barriers, denying countless children access to the quality basic education they deserve. 

At LEAP Science and Maths Schools, we believe in nurturing the head, heart, and hands. Our commitment lies in establishing a network of quality secondary schools that serve as a catalyst for developing consciousness mindsets and providing a secure learning environment for students from under-resourced communities aspiring to excel in STEM and related subjects. We strive to be a vessel of empowerment, shaping students into economically active citizens.

We invite you to stand with us by supporting our students with essential textbooks and stationery needed for the upcoming 2024 academic year:

Textbooks: R450 per textbook per subject (many LEAP students are enrolled in 8 subjects per year).

Mini Stationery Kit: R450 per learner per year, including scissors, pritt/glue stick, eraser, sharpener, ruler, 3-pack HB pencils, 2-pack black pens, 2-pack blue pens, prestick, sticky note pad (400 sheets), 12-pack colored pencil crayons, and a pencil case.

Full Stationery Kit: R1500 per learner per year, encompassing the items in the Mini Kit plus a scientific calculator, protractor kit, 8 A4 2 Quire hardcover books, box of A4 photocopy paper, book cover labels, 25m kraft book wrapping paper, 25m clear plastic book wrapping paper, and a 10-pack of A4 examination pads.
Any contribution towards the above is more than welcome, and your support is invaluable. Should you require a Section 18A tax recognition certificate, please let us know.

Thank you for your LEAPing with us, for your unwavering support, and for being an agent of change within our LEAP family.