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About LEAP Schools

Discover Our Vision and Educational Impact.

Learn about our mission to provide quality education, empower communities, and transform lives through STEM excellence and holistic development.

About LEAP Schools

LEAP Science & Maths Schools provide low-fee education to students from high-need communities. We offer Mathematics, Physical Science and English as mandatory subjects. Our school day is extended (9 hours), and we have Saturday classes and formal holiday programmes.

LEAP uses a three-way collaboration methodology that creates the opportunity to share excellence in all spheres. This means that every LEAP school is partnered with more privileged schools and other township schools in the community LEAP serves.

We also have several programs that tackle a barrier to education.

The LEAP Future Leaders Programme

The LEAP Future Leaders Programme works to make teaching aspirational and accessible for young graduates. We aim for 10% of each LEAP graduating class to study education at the tertiary level. Future Leaders can study to become educators at a tertiary institution or participate in LEAP’s Leaders in Education internship.

The LEAP Learning Centre

The LEAP Learning Centre provides quality tutoring to learners in LEAP Science and Maths School’s partner communities in Cape Town. A diverse group of tutors from qualified African refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Botswana and Zimbabwe, South African professionals and volunteer staff.

Social Development

All students and staff work with a social development organisation in one of our partner communities. There are eight scheduled student visits during the year. Activities vary from games, story-telling, painting and singing with young children to performances, singing, talking and listening to the tales and wisdom of the older seniors. 

The LEAP Movement

The LEAP Movement promotes sharing of lessons, good practice and advocacy. Aiming to bring together education stakeholders, the movement promotes equal access to quality education in South Africa.

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Celebrating 20 Years of LEAP: Launch of LEAP 8 – Kuruman

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Education Beyond Borders: LEAP School, South Africa

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Team4Tech: South Africa – LEAP Science and Maths Schools

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LEAP School – Ubunye Project 2017

LEAP Vision and Mission

Community Transformation

We strive for the positive transformation of communities through meaningful education. LEAP teaches the self-awareness necessary for each student’s growth to healthy adulthood.

Multi-Faceted Education

LEAP’s approach to education is multi-faceted, with interventions staged at different levels.

Sustainable Alliance

Through initiatives aimed at various target groups, we have created an education alliance that brings sustainable change.

Diverse Networks

From learners to teachers to community leaders and education stakeholders, we have a broad network of partners that form the LEAP learning community.

Our Team

Meet the passionate individuals driving change through dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment at LEAP Schools.

The LEAP Story

At LEAP, we defy inequality through transformative education, empowering marginalised communities for brighter futures.

The LEAP Movement

Discover the LEAP Movement, driving equitable education through partnerships, advocacy, research, and transformative practices.

Latest LEAP School News

Stay updated with the latest news and exciting updates from our dynamic schools, where innovation meets excellence in education.

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If you have any questions, inquiries, or are interested in enrolling your child, learning more about LEAP Schools, or making a donation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to assist you in any way we can.