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LEAP’s nourishing partnership with the Lunchbox Fund

LEAP is delighted to be in partnership with the Lunchbox Fund a non-profit organisation providing a daily hot meal to children living in impoverished communities in South Africa.

LEAP began a partnership with Lunchbox Fund in July 2014 and with their help we are now providing a nourishing filling midday meal for 957 students at LEAP’s six school campuses, a big improvement on the peanut butter sandwiches we used to hand out! The students love the tasty and varied food and the teachers have reported improved classroom behaviour and attention spans among students in LEAP’s long afternoon sessions. But the benefits do not end there.

Through the partnership the Lunchbox Fund was able to expand its reach to the Early Child Development sites, in which LEAP students regularly volunteer, providing a much-needed fortified and balanced meal to a further 1000 young children in the communities of Diepsloot (surrounding LEAP 4) and Jane Furse (surrounding LEAP 5).

The Lunchbox Fund is also helping to provide employment for our students’ parents. All seven LEAP School campuses employ a ‘Food Mama’ who works each day during the school term and is able to earn an income.

The value of food and support offered to LEAP is estimated to be in the region of R620,000 per annum. This is an incredible contribution and because this is a gift in kind it means that this much needed funding can be re-deployed to critical education related costs.

LEAP is happy to be part of this nourishing relationship and we look forward to many more years of support from the Lunchbox Fund. We extend our deepest gratitude for this much needed support.



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