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AXIS Education Summit 2015

Zonke-680The Axis Education Summit is a week long convergence of students, educators and leaders from around the world who are dedicated to the process of educational transformation in South Africa and globally. The following four events will take place:

Aspiring Teachers Summit

12 – 15 July 2015

The Aspiring Teachers Summit is a three-day gathering for young and aspiring teachers to collaborate, share, learn and grow with their peers and master educators from around the world. Through workshops, plenaries, and experiential learning, participants will have the opportunity to reflect deeply on their own teaching practice while developing the necessary skills for transformative 21st century teaching. In addition the summit strives to create a platform where teachers deepen their commitment to the profession and create a highly capable and core group that will actively engage and recruit the next generation of teachers.

Leadership Summit

13 – 14 July 2015

The Leadership Summit convenes school leaders and managers for a two-day summit, comprised of two complimentary streams-a workshop on transformational leadership led by the Callaway Leadership Institute and trainings led by professors from Mills College’s (USA) school leadership department. School leaders will participate in experiential workshops where they will gain an understanding of 21st century leadership principles and be able to apply those practices to the day-to-day reality of their jobs.

South African Extraordinary Coalition meeting

14 – 16 July

The quarterly meeting of the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition offers the opportunity to share and learn from good practice among high performing schools providing quality education to disadvantaged communities.

iAxis Education 2015

14 July 2015

iAxis Education is a half-day convergence of students, teachers, school leaders, academics, and citizens invested in educational transformation in South Africa. It is the cross-section of the Aspiring Teachers Summit, Leadership Summit, and quarterly SAESC meeting where dynamic conversations will be had about the current state of South African education and what each participant can do to facilitate change. In addition, iAxis aims to create new platforms and initiatives that will sustain and blossom as a result of the conference.

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