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Team4Tech supports LEAP


Team4Tech is an American organization established in 2012 to improve education in developing countries through innovative technology solutions. In June 2014 Team4Tech visited the LEAP learning centre in Langa and started a project where laptops were donated and the learning centre revamped by its volunteers. Today, the learning centre is a fully operational ICT centre which caters to all learners from our feeder schools with after school tuition.

This partnership is in line with LEAP’s vision to share its resources with community partners in order to empower them to gain valuable skills. In June 2015 Team4Tech will once again visit the LEAP Schools with the aim to replicate the project in our schools in the community of Diepsloot (LEAP 4).

Team4Tech will provide training in ICT to 45 teachers in training (Future Leaders) as part of our 21st Century Learning Programme, enabling integration of technology into teaching practice. Team4tech has committed a matching grant of $15,000 to LEAP for the implementation of the project. This money will be utilized to source and build infrastructure such as containers to be converted into an ICT centre, technology equipment and software.

The grant can only be given to LEAP if it is matched by another $15,000. As an organization which relies on donations and gifts, we would like support from donors to raise these funds. Please give generously on our Become a Giver page.

UPDATE: On 29th May 2015 BSG became the first funder to contribute to the match funding project contributing R50,000. We are delighted that this donation has procured R100,000 worth of IT equipment for LEAP 4!

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