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EdTech Summit

The annual EdTech Summit invites a cohort of educators from around the world to lead several one-day professional development events discussing how teachers can engage with technology to improve student learning. The Summit aims to enable teachers and education practitioners, who would otherwise not have access to this kind of professional development, to develop and grow their own education technology skills and competencies.

Educators from around the world join a team of South African teachers and technicians as they travel the country for two weeks providing workshops on 21st century skills, technology and instructional strategies. Each conference ends with a “tech giveaway” where attendees enter a lottery to win laptops, cameras, and other multimedia equipment and software to use in their classrooms.

EdTech Summit South Africa 2014 saw a presentation team of 40 expert education technology professionals deliver 91 hands-on workshops to 772 South African principals, teachers and education professionals across five cities: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Jane Furse, East London, and Durban. An estimated 19,300 South African students were impacted by this program.

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