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Congratulations to the Matric Class of 2014

IMG_1683LEAP is delighted to present the results of the matric class of 2014.

With an additional school (LEAP 4 serving Diepsloot) reaching matric level  in 2014, LEAP had a total of 154 students in four schools writing the NSC exams;  this represents an increase of 38% in our grade 12 cohort from 112 students in 2013.

  • 145 students of 154 (94.2%) passed matric, almost 20% above the national average (75.8%).
  • 86 LEAP students achieved a bachelors pass. This is 56%, compared to the 28.3% bachelors pass rate achieved nationally.
  • 38 (25%) achieved a diploma pass, meaning that a total of 124 (80%) of our students have gained the qualifications they need to access tertiary studies.  This is the highest number that LEAP has achieved since 2010.
  • Higher certificate passes made up 14% of the outcome.

The dip in LEAP’s results experienced in 2013 caused LEAP to develop a number of clear and decisive strategies to improve the quality of teaching and learning in 2014 and hence the academic results. This intervention has once again raised LEAP up to its previous high levels of academic attainment.

Despite a decline in the national matric pass rate from 78% to 75.8% we are delighted to report that LEAP’s pass rate has increased from 87% in 2013 to 94.2% in 2014.  There has also been a significant increase in the number of students achieving bachelor passes from 40% in 2013 to 56% in 2014. This is also an increase of 16% on LEAP’s average bachelors pass rate from 2011 – 2013.

We would like to congratulate the matric class of 2014 and wish them well in the next chapter of their lives.

For more information please see the LEAP Schools NSC results 2014 (one page overview)


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