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The power of one

The challenges we face in South Africa often seem overwhelming, particularly in education where the news is frequently alarming. Throw in structural inequality, low skills, high unemployment and scores of young people not in education, employment or training (known as NEETs) and it can be paralyzing. We feel powerless to make a difference with our individual contribution.

But individuals CAN be part of a movement that changes the status quo and improves life for young people in our country. There is power in the contribution of one.

LEAP is a network of no-fee schools serving young people from marginalised and disadvantaged communities, offering young people the opportunity to study science and maths to the highest level. LEAP currently educates almost 1,000 students across six schools, with a family-centred holistic model of education which aims to address the needs of the whole child from academic, to social and emotional. The model works – more than 70% of LEAP graduates going on to tertiary education in the fields of finance, engineering, pharmacy, education, business and commerce.

There are many easy and affordable ways that individuals can contribute to the LEAP movement and help change the future of the country.

My-school-300JOIN MYSCHOOL

Cost = nothing
Effort level = very low
Benefits = raise funds that make a difference – by shopping!

Sign up for a MySchool card and make LEAP your beneficiary and every time you shop at Woolworths, Engen, Waltons, ToysRUs and many other MySchool partners, LEAP gets a donation. IIt doesn’t cost you a cent. As an extra bonus, from 14 – 30 September 2014, MySchool will give LEAP R17 in cash for every new card issued with LEAP as the beneficiary.

If you already have a MySchool card, it takes two minutes to make LEAP your My School beneficiary online at:


Cost = however much you can raise
Effort level = high
Benefits = get healthy, have fun, raise funds and awareness for education

Summer is coming and it’s time to get on your bike. Join the LEAP cycle team in Johannesburg and ride the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Tour on 16th November. ​Sign up now, ride and raise money for LEAP.

Or cycle the Cape Argus Momentum PicknPay Cycle Tour in 2015. Entries open on 26 September. Email if you want to join LEAP’s team of awesome riders.


Cost = between R50 and R1,800
Effort level = low
Benefits = a mitzvah and a lovely card to your friends and family

Wish your friends and family Shana Tovah, with a beautiful LEAP e-card for a contribution of R50 per card or a once off donation of R1800 (for as many cards as you like). All funds raised through the Rosh Hashanah campaign will be allocated towards to supporting high school bursaries tuition, books and uniforms.

Contact us to send cards >


Cost = Up to you, every cent counts
Effort level = low
Benefits = save on tax, feel good, contribute to LEAP’s growth and independence

LEAP provides real hope to hundreds of young people each year. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference:

  • R50 pays for a student’s stationery for a year.
  • R500 pays for family emergency support for a month.
  • R2,000 pays a student teacher’s stipend for a month.

Regular giving by debit order, even small amounts, contributes to LEAP’s long-term growth and sustainability.  And donations to LEAP are tax deductible.


Cost = nothing
Effort level = medium
Benefits = feel good, connect with friends and family, make the circle bigger

Every individual has a broader network of friends, family and colleagues that collectively can have an enormous impact on education in South Africa. Follow LEAP on Facebook and Twitter and share widely with your network. Together we can raise awareness of the issues that matter and increase vital support for the LEAP Movement.

So that’s five ways that a single individual can make a difference to building the skills and future achievement of young people in South Africa.

Let’s all embrace the power of one!

Values - Everyone at LEAP commits to:

  • Being kind, honest and healthy
  • Being punctual and looking good
  • Working hard and never giving up
  • Admitting and learning from mistakes
  • Confronting issues and being open to change
  • Working together and sharing