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LEAP Shines at Science Expo

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“I was surprised to get a bronze medal,” beams Grade 10 learner, Aphelele Kese. One of 6 pupils from LEAP who participated in this year’s National Science Expo, she and her partner Ziyanda Ntshikose submitted a project called ‘Which Honey Should You Buy’. Looking at the viscosity of honey, the two pupils put in a lot of time and effort towards their project. “Our analysis was clear and we worked hard to make the project be scientific. When we were presenting to the judges, we made sure we worked together as a team and would help each other answer questions.” Physical Science teacher, Josh Elder, says the past week has been an enriching experience for all the LEAP learners. “On Tuesday the expo students entered their projects and set up their boards at the Good Hope Centre. The excitement and buzz in the air was amazing. Our students were nervous with energy but very confident in their projects. Wednesday had our learners being interviewed for over two hours by different judges at the Expo. Upon receiving their results on Thursday, all of our entrants received feedback that they were extremely confident and knew their research.” Aphelele says she’s also picked up life lessons through her involvement in the expo. “I’ve learnt that you have to work hard for the good things in life,” she explains. “Good things don’t just fall from the sky.” Having done well at this year’s expo has also sparked further interest in science as a subject. Aphelele says she’s looking forward to next year when viscosity and intermolecular forces are covered in class. “They’re part of the curriculum for Grade 11 and Grade 12, so I’m excited to cover these topics in even greater detail.” Though the expo is concluded for 2013, Mr Elder says the passion for science is growing amongst learners at LEAP. “Our learners were very thrilled and proud of their work and are excited to start working already for next year’s Expo where our goal will be to make it to the International Science Fair.”

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