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LEAP at the Shakespeare Schools Festival

On July 31, LEAP learners participated in the Cape Town leg of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. The festival is a non-competitive, celebratory opportunity for young people to perform half-hour plays. It allows teachers to develop drama skills and new ways of teaching through doing; can be life-changing for students; and gives schools a novel way to raise their profile within the community. Twenty seven of our learners were involved – putting together Othello and Twelfth Night.

Nelisa Hoffman, Grade 12, who played Lodovico in Othello says she is proud of her performance. “It was my first time on stage, and I felt very nervous right up until seconds before the play started. Then everything just flowed.” Xola Maswana, Grade 12, played Brabantio in Othello says she really enjoyed this experience. “It wasn’t a competition, but rather an opportunity to entertain people and have fun. I was so pleased when the audience laughed at my lines – it made me more encouraged.” Another Grade 10 pupil, Asemahle Ndindwa, played Sebastian in Twelfth Night. She had acted before at school plays but never in front of such a big audience. “I like writing and reading poems and have always enjoyed acting. I would really like to participate in next year’s festival too.”  In 2014, the festival will take place in Cape Town (Artscape Theatre), Durban (Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre) and Johannesburg (Fringe Theatre).

(Image by Tania Robbertze)

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