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We do not transform others – we can only transform ourselves. Through our openness to change, others may choose to transform themselves.

Transformation happens when the right people are in the room having the right difficult conversations.

Real freedom will come when we are able to heal the wounds that have been caused by the historical racial separation still deeply embedded.

We need a spiritual revolution in which we develop the desire to address inequity rather than feel an obligation to do so.

How do we remain blind to the extreme inequity of educational opportunities for the children of our country? A real state of emergency!

Every child matters
If we say that ‘every child matters’ then we had better start to live this in the way we create real opportunity for children to learn.

The community is the problem – we teach this! We need to change focus – liberation of each person! Listen to our children!!!#SABEC

We would struggle to look any child in the eyes to say ‘You are not good enough’. Why do we then find it easier to do this in large groups?

Every child in South Africa deserves to spend time every day with teachers who care enough to engage meaningfully about the child’s life.

Education solutions
In the education and NPO landscape of SA we must learn to celebrate the success of others.

Education solutions will be found in intentional collaborative partnerships. LEAP thanks Old Mutual for showing the way. #OMTOM

Ensuring the rights of children to quality education is not the sole responsibility of government, it is the shared duty of all citizens!

There is no simple formula for educational transformation – the need for school leaders and teachers who love children remains at the core!

Real learning, real teaching
Real learning happens as active self discovery rather than passive information receiving. What does this make ‘real teaching’?

A teacher’s love of children is visible in honest and direct feedback that flows both ways.

The key to all learning lies in the willingness to engage – most of life’s real learning comes from having difficult conversations.

Education requires experienced people to commit to lead young people – this must be done by leading together.

Job creation
Job creation in SA is a priority – schools can impact beyond simply educating – all schools can take on interns in a variety of roles.

10 million new jobs by 2030 – spend now on real education transformation!

The major educational issue in our country is “inequity”! Free schooling is not a solution if the schooling that is free is inadequate.

“Initiative” and “drive” do not develop in young people by accident. Educators must create real opportunity balanced by high expectations.

“Every day children of the working class and the poor are being “condemned into a deep black hole with minimal chances of escape” – Vavi

Loving your children means being willing to listen, care, challenge and confront. Each child needs to know that he or she matters enough!

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