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Joining the LEAP team

If you would like to find out more about working at LEAP, please contact our HR Manager here.

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10 Comments to “Joining the LEAP team”

  1. Anele says:

    I am a young individual who is interested in bringing about change through education and also in a process of starting an educational based organization. With the disadvantages I have experienced during my high school years I saw a room to improve our educational support in the country but as we all know that charity begins at home, so I would like to form part of an educational movement to make some improvements in the country’s education. Since I reside in Langa, is it possible for me to drop my documents personally at the school or should I send them via email?

  2. Lesle Johnson says:

    Good Day

    I love your organisation what you do and what you stand for and wish there were more people like John and the leap team in the world.

    Working together to make a better and brighter South Africa and ultimately world.

    I would appreciate it if you would keep my curriculum vitae on file for any upcoming vacancies so that I can be a part of all the amazing work you do.

    Kind Regards
    Lesle Johnsson

  3. Busisiwe Rose Ndamase says:

    I’m looking a place for my sister she is doing grade 10 this year she want to do science and maths she live in gugulethu plz help me

    • Mica La Vita says:

      Good day

      Please visit our Contacts page and find the LEAP 2 contact details. LEAP 2 services the Gugulethu area. The grade 10 class is likely to already be at full capacity, but it is best to speak to someone at the school directly.

  4. Lara Mason says:

    Hi there,

    I am contacting you with regards to joining your LEAP team in Gauteng. I am a South African physicist with a BSc (Hons) in maths and physics, and am looking to become involved in projects furthering Science and Maths education within South Africa. I have a large amount of tutoring experience at both a high school and university level. Are there any available tutoring, teaching, organisational or mentoring spots within your organisation that I could apply for?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Lara Mason

  5. HAPPINESS says:

    good day

    I’m contacting you with regards to joining your team. I’m currently doing my final year in psychology
    qualifying as a registered counsellor. so I’m interested in joining your team in offering psychological services to the team. I have done my practical in a university setting where in the focus was on career development and other psychological services to the students, with that I see it
    need to offer career development skills to your learners based on your vision and values. so I was wondering if there are any developmental areas or spots I can apply for.

    Thank you

    Hlungwane Happiness

  6. I’m hereby will like to be part if the leap school team.l have been in the teaching field for more than 14 years. Teaching is my passion and my specialist is English and Geography and L.O. My biggest interest is to see youth been developed into successful young adults. I think initiatives like leap school are very good, especially for learners from disadvantage background. I will really appreciate it if l can take part in this kind of a program.

    D.M Mogomotsi

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